Lifeback is a proprietary blend of natural, safe, non prescription, substances that help support nutritional function of a healthy brain.

Lifeback contains natural ingredients which have been shown to help support brain function. In patients with migraine type symptoms, these symptoms have been shown to reduce headache frequency and/or intensity. The ingredients include: riboflavin, ginger, melatonin and magnesium.

As Lifeback is a natural dietary supplement, no prescription is required. It is important, however, that if you take prescription medications that you ask your doctor or pharmacist to make certain that it is safe for you to use.

Each bottle of Lifeback contains sixty all natural soft gel capsules. It is recommended that adults take two capsules at bedtime. While some improvement may be seen within the first month, it is recommended to continue for at least four to six months for maximal efficacy.

Lifeback contains a propriety formula of beneficial ingredients and herbs that support healthy brain function in a convenient form. While it is possible to take the ingredients separately, it may prove difficult and more expensive to take them separately, as well as have issues regarding dose, safety and efficacy.

Lifeback contains a safe combination of natural substances and compounds. However, if one is taking medications it is recommended to discuss the ingredients with a physician.

Side effects to Lifeback are quite uncommon but if they do occur, it is in response to one of the ingredients, which may include heartburn or urine discoloration. If side effects occur, individuals should stop taking Lifeback and discuss issue with a physician.

Lifeback has been certified as kosher by Ko-Kosher Service of Philadelphia. The certification may be viewed here.