Carol | San Antonio, TX
I've been a teacher for a few years, and up until recently I really enjoyed it. Then my migraine's started. Rarely enough at first, maybe once or twice a month, usually around my cycle. It didn't really interfere with my life so much -- I took a Tylenol and I was able to get back to teaching in about an hour so. Over time, though, my headaches became more frequent, at first weekly, and up until a few months ago, several times per week. The migraines had destroyed my life. I have to take time off from teaching, because I couldn't handle the kids with all the pain. I went to a doctor and he gave me some prescription medications. The medications would work, but I'd keep having horrible side effects. I needed something natural and I needed it to work. I heard about Lifeback from a friend, and I tried it. She told me to give it at least a month to start working. Boy, am I glad that I did! One day, I woke up, and my head wasn't hurting. The lights didn't bother my eyes. The noise of my kids watching TV in the next room didn't grate on my last nerve. I understand now why you are called Lifeback, you really gave me my life back!
Edward | Brooklyn, NY
Man, oh man! I have tried so MANY things to get rid of my damn headaches. I spent more than a year and $6500 seeing a chiropractor twice a week to get relief that would last a day. I tried acupuncture and got poked so many times I looked like a fountain. I tried some prescription meds that made me stoned and other ones that made me sad. Some made me skinny and some made me fat. I felt like a bad Dr Seuss story. And then I tried Lifeback. It worked!
Bill | Wilmette, IL
Thank you LIFEBACK! Your name is your bond! I can spend time with my wife and my kids. I don't get called out from work on account of the pain. Thank you, thank you thank you!
Jane | Cambridge, MA
I was getting so many headaches that I was fired from my job. It got so bad that my husband thought I was making it up. It took a few weeks but  I got better. Not only do I not need to live with the pain, but I can go back to work. This was the best money I ever spent.
Gilda | Detroit, MI
I didn't know what bothered me more -- the headaches or the nausea. Now it doesn't matter. Since I started taking Lifeback, I don't have either!
Robin | San Francisco,CA
They're gone! They're gone! They're gone!
Brad | Miami, FL
Usually when I have a bad migraine I can't sleep because my eyes hurt so bad, but with LIFEBACK it helps me get some sleep.