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Why I created Lifeback™ for migraine nutritional support

In 2002, I was practicing neurology in a clinic in Orange County, New York. Over the course of my time there, I had the pleasure of meeting and helping many people who suffered with a variety of ailments. A very large percentage of these people had migraine headaches. I became migraine specialist.

What struck me most was the frequent headaches were literally robbing people of their lives – it affected their ability to go to work; to perform in school; relationships with their husbands, wives, boyfriends or girlfriends; taking care of their children; and the list goes on. These people were suffering, not only physically, but also emotionally from the toll this took on their lives. Often, people responded to the prescription medications and, well, things improved for them.

Unfortunately, there was a large portion of the patients who either did not improve with the medications, or they could not tolerate the side effects, or honestly just did not want to take prescription medications. Honestly, at this point in my career, I was not really sure what to do. I was a little more than a year out of my neurology training, and even though I had trained at one of the greatest hospitals on the planet, they did not really teach what to do when traditional treatments failed.

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That changed one day in March of 2003. I walked into my examination room to see a new patient and there sat Linda. Linda was a very sweet and pleasant woman in her early forties who worked at the reception desk downstairs for the office building. Other than a friendly good morning or good evening, though, I had never really spoken to her. She told that me that she had horrible headaches that had really taken a toll on her. She had seen other neurologists in the past and had tried many of the standard treatments, but either had no relief or intolerable effects. She asked me if there was anything that we could try that was natural. I told her that honestly, I wasn’t sure and I would need to investigate this.

I started to do some research and found some interesting information. There were a number of herbs and supplements over the years that had been tried for headaches, but at the time not many had much research. However, I found one study that fascinated me. Riboflavin, or vitamin B2, had amazing and surprisingly good results with close to 60% reduction in headaches. Even at the doses in the study, only minimal side effects were noted. I figured that it was worth a try. I called Linda the next day and we discussed it. I put her on 400mg a day of riboflavin like the in the study. We spoke a month later in the office; her headaches had reduced by more than half! Her only side effect was bright yellow urine, and she was okay with that.

Over the next several months, I pursued additional work looking for other supplements or vitamins that appeared successful and was extremely well tolerated. I prescribed different ones to my patients; I found which ones worked and which ones didn’t. Over the years, I have added quite a few arrows to my quiver of weapons to treat migraines. However, it was not always easy for people to find the doses that I suggested or in formulations that were most effective. Hence, I decided to create Lifeback™ – a combination of effective supplements and vitamins that could provide a natural relief for headache sufferers. I became migraine specialist.

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Customer Testimonials

  • I've been a teacher for a few years, and up until recently I really enjoyed it. Then my migraine's started. Rarely enough at first, maybe once or twice a month, usually around my cycle. It didn't really interfere with my life so much -- I took a Tylenol and I was able to get back to teaching in about an hour so. Over time, though, my headaches became more frequent, at first weekly, and up until a few months ago, several times per week. The migraines had destroyed my life. I have to take time off from teaching, because I couldn't handle the kids with all the pain. I went to a doctor and he gave me some prescription medications. The medications would work, but I'd keep having horrible side effects. I needed something natural and I needed it to work. I heard about Lifeback from a friend, and I tried it. She told me to give it at least a month to start working. Boy, am I glad that I did! One day, I woke up, and my head wasn't hurting. The lights didn't bother my eyes. The noise of my kids watching TV in the next room didn't grate on my last nerve. I understand now why you are called Lifeback, you really gave me my life back!
    Carol | San Antonio, TX
  • Man, oh man! I have tried so MANY things to get rid of my damn headaches. I spent more than a year and $6500 seeing a chiropractor twice a week to get relief that would last a day. I tried acupuncture and got poked so many times I looked like a fountain. I tried some prescription meds that made me stoned and other ones that made me sad. Some made me skinny and some made me fat. I felt like a bad Dr Seuss story. And then I tried Lifeback. It worked
    Edward | Brooklyn, NY
  • I was getting so many headaches that I was fired from my job. It got so bad that my husband thought I was making it up. It took a few weeks but I got better. Not only do I not need to live with the pain, but I can go back to work. This was the best money I ever spent.
    Jane | Cambridge, MA